Artificial Intelligence

AI Analysis

With the ever-developing neuro network technology, it is no longer beyond reach to perform timely and accurate analysis on real-time data input with the aid of Artificial intelligence.

YUAN has been cultivating global markets of video capture card and more than 200 variations of video products for our customers to choose from. YUAN provides our customers a powerful set of QCAP SDK encompassing variations APIs including capturing / recording / live streaming / playback / editing / peripheral controlling tools etc. Many software companies around the world have adopted QCAP SDK into their market applications from surveillance, medical, broadcasting / education & lecture recording / automation / mobile DVR etc. To assist our customers to quickly adapt to the maturing AI Deep Learning technology and industrial trends, YUAN preempts the market and provide a comprehensive set of AI QDEEP SDK, with which our customers worldwide are able to implement AI technology into their respective market application within the shortest time span.

YUAN develops a set of AI Deep Learning tech of video analysis and recognition, encompassing a wide range of algorithms from content analysis, biometric recognition to action analysis etc. We offer solutions to various application fields including traffic administration, medical diagnosis, education, smart retail etc. Developers are enabled to quickly react to software and hardware development issues, integrating AI into products to create additional value.



AI application in educational field optimizes the cost of campus security and saves lecturers from extra spending much efforts on class administration. Further with the aid of facial recognition, data of attendance, emotional reactions, class engagement are quantifiable and recognizable for efficient administration.


Segmentation and machine vision applications supply doctors with state-of-the-art technology to perform diagnosis within shorter time span. Another derivative application, human key-point analysis, also provides improvements to care-taking environments, sending alarms to medical staff when accidents happen.


Based on the function of object detection, AI is applied to clearly recognize parkways, different types of vehicles and meanwhile to calculate traffic flow, it becomes a useful tool for government to orchestrate traffic control policies and build smart cities.


AI is gradually changing the landscape of traditional retail industry. Integrating AI technology with retail industry means entrepreneurs acquire a smarter management to do crowd counting and customer analysis, further satisfying their demands. Object detection further assists to build cashier-less stores to streamline operations.

AI Software Development and Tool Support


YUAN develops a dedicated set of tool kit, QDEEP SDK, for our customers. QDEEP SDK integrates our hardware products and software API, at the same time encompass deep learning and recognition features.

Labeling Software

For customers that have needs to train AI Deep Learning model on their own, YUAN also provides labeling software to train their model. If our customers do not have sufficient human resources to label picture sources, YUAN provides training services as well.

Supported Features

QDEEP SDK provides various functions software developers frequently require, and it meanwhile supports the following hardware and deep learning models.

Support Hardware : nVIDIA CUDA , Intel Movidius
Deep Learning Architecture : TensorFlow , CAFFE

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