Next Intelligent Video Application with your Capture Card: Capture, Record, Stream and AI

Ever since YUAN stepped into the industry of video capture cards, we have never stopped the efforts on refining YUAN QCAP SDK for our customers. With the ever-expanding product families of video capture cards, the functionality of QCAP SDK keeps evolving as well. From the initial function modules including video capturing and driver integration to various streaming protocols, formats of storage, video effects, etc. To catch up on the latest trend of Artificial Intelligence, YUAN also developed AI QDEEEP SDK in 2017, integrating multiple algorithms and deep-learning models for our customers in various fields of applications.



YUAN High-Tech video capture card has provided various video interfaces, and video raw data captured by each interface can analyze by QDEEP directly, the video data processed by QDEEP can stream and recorded to our customers by QCAP.


QDEEP SDK encompasses supports for multiple operating platforms, saving our customers from abandoning previous efforts spent on the developments on other platforms, while reserving certain flexibility for hardware planning in the future.

QDEEEP SDK and QCAP SDK are serving the same purpose, to reduce difficulties developers may find during integrations, as well as interchanging results of development between different platforms, from embedded platforms, nVidia GPU, nVidia Xavier or Intel openVINO etc. We save our customers the troubles to tune the minor differences between platforms and shorten the overall development timespan.

Artificial intelligence and software development in the same set of development tools

Since Yuan entered the audio and video capture card industry, it has been constantly strengthening the QCAP SDK. With the development of the audio and video capture card, the QCAP SDK has become a very powerful Software development kit. Starting with a simple audio and video capture and driver integration, by now, recording, streaming special effects processing, etc. has been added. While AI technology continues to progress, Yuan also developed the latest QDEEP SDK since 2017, which further integrates a variety of algorithms including deep learning, which makes it very handy for various applications for our customers.

Yuan with its QDEEP SDK integrates a variety of different platforms, allowing customers to use the capture card and AI functionalities at the same time. This is done to support previous development efforts, like different hardware platforms, and to maintain flexibility in future hardware planning.

Both QDEEP SDK and QCAP SDK can help users reduce the difficulty of development by enabling the exchange of development results between different hardware and software platforms. Embedded products, nVidia GPU, nVidia Xavier or Intel openVINO can, therefore, be seamlessly integrated, allowing Developers to no longer worry about the differences between platforms, furthermore shortening the development time which in the end creates a win-win situation.