12G-SDI Video Capture Card with Multi 4K60 Formats & Multi-Channels 4K30/1080P60 Support

After the introduction of 4K video capture cards with various types of 12G-SDI interfaces, YUAN integrate the technology of high-end 4K SDI signals and multi-channel SDI signal capturing to create more product values for our customers.

Single Channel Mode

Under the mode of single-channel video capturing, YUAN SC710N2 12G-SDI, SC710N1 12G-SDI and SC710N1 M2 12G-SDI QL all support 4K video capturing by Single Link 12G-SDI, Dual Link 6G-SDI or Quad Link 3G-SDI. Furthermore, for the spec of Quad Link 3G-SDI, 2SDI and QSD formats are both supported at the same time to sustain various array of 4K SDI signals.

Multi Channel Mode

Under the mode of multi-channel video capturing, SC710N2 12G-SDI, SC710N1 12G-SDI, SC710N1 M2 12G-SDI QL support 2chs 6G-SDI and 4chs 3G-SDI signals, input configuration is adjustable via software setting if needed. When it is set to 6G-SDI mode, dual-channel 4K30P video capturing is supported; while 3G-SDI mode is selected, users can capture quad-channel 1080p60 video.
For the hardware of SC710N1 12G-SDI and SC710N1 M2 12G-SDI QL capture cards, we implement them with Hirose connectors to ensure the video quality throughout the long-distance transmission. The new 12G-SDI models inherit the features of low latency and low power consumption of SC710 models under both single-channel and multi-channel modes, saving our customers concerns over real-time performance and installation environment.