4K60/30 Capture Card with Multiview Feature

After observing the development of 4K products in the market, YUAN releases new products supporting 4K resolution for distance education and conference usage based on the original SC400/ SC720 series. The unique Multiview feature is also implemented in the new released product.

Conventional video capture cards need third-party software to apply Multiview feature. Since the setting of the software is sophisticate, it could be an obstacle for end users.

The new released Multiview Patent* ( Patent Assigned by YUAN ) can directly solve usage difficulties. Multi channels of 4K60/ 30 video capture cards supporting Multiview feature can arrange display before outputting it. While saving the efforts to arrange display on your own, the applications to education and conference is also handier.

Multiview Arranging Examples

Multiview Supporting Programs

The Multiview feature is supported by 4 channels of 4K60 capture cards, SC720N4 12G-SDI and SC720N4 HDMI2.0, and 4 channels of 4K30 capture cards, SC400N4 6G-SDI and SC400N4 HDMI.

The newly released SC400N4 and SC720N4 can capture and apply the Multiview feature for 4 channels of 4K inputs, other advantages such as low latency and low delay are also conserved just like the original SC400/ SC720 series. Also, since SC400N4 and SC720N4 are competitive with price, the threshold of entering 4K resolution for applications to education and business is lowered.

*Yuan authorizes the partners to use this patented function to satisfy varied pic arranging needs, making teaching and conferencing handier.