Yuan High-Tech Rolls Out New TVI Series

YUAN high tech rolls out new TVI series containing different PCBA sizes and UVC interface, the series can at most support 16ch of 1080/4K TVI inputs. TVI signal is an improved technique of the original CVBS analog signal. Under an affordable price, TVI signal can support up to 1080/4K resolution and transmit 500 meters through coaxial cables.

All products in the TVI series are suitable for security monitoring. They are all compatible with CVI, AHD and CVBS signals, making them handier to original analog security monitor users for there is no replacement for cables and camera lens. On the other hand, more channels are now available for users to choose. All in all, the TVI series can satisfy security monitor needs from primary to high-end.

DeepLink Supporting Programs

SC400N16 TVI and SC400N4-L TVI are standard PCIe card with full height and low profile which can be installed in standard PC. While SC400N16 TVI supports 16ch of 1080/4K video capturing to apply with cameras, SC400N4-L TVI supports 4ch of 1080/4K inputs for low profile PC.

SC400N4 M2 TVI and SC400N4 MC TVI are M.2 2280 B/M and MiniCard accordingly. They are suited for mini PC and can support 4ch of 1080/4K video capturing.

The last but not the least, PD570 TVI support single channel of TVI video capturing. PD570 is specified with UVC feature allowing users to apply it without driver installation.

SC400 series continue the benefits of low latency and low power consumption in original SC700 and SC710 series. On the other hand, SC400 series are backward compatible with conventional analog signals, they are the best options for users attempt to update their PC while bounded by original peripherals.

Low Latency

Zero latency during capturing, completely synchronous with input video.

Low Power

Integrated chips consumes much less power and comes in smaller sizes.