Day: January 23, 2020

Thunderbolt 4K60 HDR Capture Device

As the computer market keeps bringing forth newer and more advanced external computer interfaces with larger transmission bandwidth, YUAN as well develops video capture box products of various interfaces from USB2.0, USB3.0 and now to Thunderbolt 3 interface. Distinguished from other interfaces, the most significant breakthrough of Thunderbolt 3 is to provide video capture devices […]

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YUAN Officially Announces Mass Production of SDVoE Product Line

YUAN is proud to announce that our new SDVoE product line is now officially in the stage of mass production. Stability of Output volume and production schedule of SDVoE products can be further ensured and assist customers in demands to quickly obtain software and hardware to promote new SDVoE products in their respective markets. SDVoE […]

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4K Video Captures From Every Interface

A growing number of industries have applied 4K video formats as 4K resolution has gained popularity. YUAN has designed 4K capture cards with interfaces mostly used in different industries and field applications. As a member of SDVoE alliance, YUAN has integrated the revolutionary next-generation technology with our existing capture card design to develop the 4K […]

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